Mostbet Registration  Instructions for new users

Before you start playing for real money on Mostbet BD you need to create an account. This is your personal cabinet from which you can make deposits and withdrawals, and without which you can’t bet or play casino games.

Here you will learn about each of the Mostbet BD registration methods currently available and how to complete the process as fast as possible.

Register at Mostbet BD and get acces to profitable betting markets and odds.

Mostbet BD registration options

Mostbet registration options allow new players to choose the most comfortable way to register

Every user from Bangladesh who visits Mostbet casino must create an account to start betting or playing at casino. You can choose one of the four methods available and do it quickly.

We will tell you a little about each of them so that you can better understand which one suits you best.

One click sign up

The most simple way to create Mostbet Account is to register in one click

This is the easiest way to create an account, which takes a maximum of 15 seconds. Here are a few instructions:

  1. Go to Mostbet BD and click on the sign-up button;
  2. Choose the one-click registration method (this will usually happen by default);
  3. Enter country, currency, check that you are of legal age and enter bonus code to complete the registration.

When you have done this, you will be presented with a small tab with randomly generated Username and Password, which you can then use to log in to your account at any time in the future. You can copy these details or we can email them to you.

Registration via mobile phone

Sign Up in Mostbet using your phone number is the safest way to register

This method is also very fast, but by using it you can link your mobile phone to your account straight away. Tethering your mobile phone is necessary to access a withdrawal from Mostbet BD.

To create an account using this method:

  1. Open Mostbet and click on the “Register” button;
  2. Enter your phone number, select your currency and tick the box saying you are of legal age and agree to the site rules;
  3. Complete registration.

You will be immediately logged in and taken to the deposit page, so you can quickly deposit money into your balance. Under “Personal Details” you can see information about your account number and also set your password.

Email registration

Email registration is also available at Mostbet Bangladesh.

Also an easy way where you link your email account and save you the trouble of having to do this later on.

To create a Mostbet BD account this way:

  1. Go to our website and click on the sign up button;
  2. Select the registration method via email;
  3. Enter email, password, choose country and specify currency;
  4. Confirm that you are of legal age and agree to the rules and finalize your registration.

Once your account has been created you will also be taken to the deposit page in your personal cabinet. From now on you will be able to use your email and password to sign in to your personal cabinet.

Sign up via social networks

Creating a Mostbet Account via messengers is a great option for fans of social networks.

This is also a quick way to register with Mostbet, which will link your social network to your personal cabinet and then you can use it to sign in quickly.

To create an account in this way:

  1. Go to our website and open the registration form;
  2. Choose the last method by clicking on the button “Via social network”;
  3. Select the account currency, and at the bottom of the form click on the social network you want to use;
  4. Tick the box saying you are over 18 and accept our rules and complete your registration.

You will be taken to the main page of Mostbet BD, you will be able to deposit money and start betting and playing casino games.

Requirements & rules for new users

In order to avoid problems when registering an new Mostbet account, you must know a few conditions.

Due to different jurisdictions, account has a number of rules that you need to know before registering with Mostbet BD:

  • Only users of legal age (18 or higher) can start playing for real money on our website or download Mostbet app;
  • You are only allowed to create one account and use it to play;
  • The information you provide to Mostbet BD in the process of setting up your cabinet must be honest;
  • You must only use your electronic or crypto wallets for deposits and withdrawals from your Mostbet account;
  • You may not use your personal cabinet for fraudulent or money laundering purposes;
  • You fully accept our rules when you create a personal account.

Mostbet Account Verification

Immediately after creating a new account, you must verify your Mostbet BD account.

The verification procedure is mandatory for every Mostbet player from any country, including Bangladesh. 

In its process, we can understand that the personal cabinet belongs to a real person who is of legal age. After that you will be able to withdraw money from Mostbet Bangladesh.

To complete the verification process:

  1. Navigate to the “Personal Details” section in your personal cabinet after logging into your account;
  2. Fill in all the blank fields with the requested information;
  3. Submit your withdrawal request, after which our support team will contact you;
  4. Provide photos of your identification documents, also answer other questions from the specialists, if they have any;
  5. Wait to receive verified status.

When our experts have reviewed your documents, the application for verified status will be processed and we will notify you that you have successfully passed it. Now you can withdraw money from your Mostbet personal cabinet without any problems.


Is it safe to send photos of your documents to Mostbet BD for verification?

Is it safe to send photos of your documents to Mostbet BD for verification?

Yes, you have nothing to worry about as our team will review this data once to grant you verified status. Any information sent by our users is stored on SSL encrypted servers.

Can I start playing if I do not have a personal cabinet on Mostbet BD?

Can I start playing if I do not have a personal cabinet on Mostbet BD?

No, every user must create a personal account to start gambling with us.

Can I use multiple accounts to receive Mostbet registration bonuses?

Can I use multiple accounts to receive Mostbet registration bonuses?

No, each user is allowed to choose and receive only one welcome bonus from us.